- Artist Bio -

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

In 2011, Enkaustikos set out to make a new paint product. It was clear that interest in encaustic was growing but there was still a need to enhance the market even more.

Innovative developer of Encaustikits and Encausticamp Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch began painting more than eighteen years ago-always abstractly and evolving into encaustics from acrylic over eight years ago. Her love for the medium translates into her teaching, and students' worldwide benefit from a passionate, engaging workshop experience filled with all the knowledge Patricia has acquired and developed in her forage into this rich and diverse medium. Patricia's books, Encaustic Workshop and Encaustic Mixed Media, are available on bookshelves everywhere.


My goal, what inspires me, is not simply encaustic. What my reason is for getting into the studio, stepping onto another plane, experimenting with a new, intriguing material, is to enliven and inspire artists and craftpersons, enthusiasts and admirers, worldwide; at this time-to the beauty, diversity and ease of painting in this wonderfully organic and deliciously versatile medium.

Enkaustikos is proud to have a series of encaustic paint sets that we developed in partnership with Patricia: The Encausticastle Encaustikit Set, The Southern Charms Encaustikit Set, The Loudon Collective Encaustikit Set, and The Colors From The Road Encaustikit Set.


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