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Kana Clark

In 2011, Enkaustikos set out to make a new paint product. It was clear that interest in encaustic was growing but there was still a need to enhance the market even more.

Kana Clark is a visual artist whose focus is encaustic painting and is determined to celebrate the universe through her works. She is known for creating works within the realm of all things outer space. Combining her love of nebulae and encaustic painting, Kana is one of the first painters to depict nebulae and exoplanets in this medium.


Hailing from a youth full of travel and adventures, Kana developed an early fascination with the stars, planets, and galaxies that are woven in our vast world. Daydreaming thoughts and questions evolved into an ongoing curiosity, motivating Kana to merge artistic expression with the boundless beauty of the cosmos.


Kana’s intention is to evoke wonder and awe for the universe, through her artwork. She believes that art can help close the gap between human awareness and scientific understanding, leading to a deeper comprehension of the cosmic wonders that are all around us. The artistic representation of her celestial work reminds us that despite the distance separating us, there is a constant thread that binds us all together.


Kana utilized a variety of painting mediums before discovering encaustic painting. Roughly a decade after she first began working with encaustic painting, she still greets each work day with enthusiasm and determination. Currently working out of her studio at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, a historic textile factory, Kana resides in Huntsville, Alabama. In addition to giving workshops, she frequently participates in regional and national art fairs and events.


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