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Key Working Properties of Encaustic Paint:

  • Because drying time is not an issue, working with wax allows artists to work immediately on building layers and reworking in an additive and subtractive fashion.
  • It is important that each layer of wax is bonded or fused together. This is done with the use of adding heat ideally with a heat gun. This process is known as "burning in". 
  • Within minutes of using wax paint, you can easily create both the delicate layering of thin, transparent glazes or thick heavy impasto textures.
  • Once cooled, wax holds its shape so smooth, glasslike surfaces, details with fine line, light or heavy brush strokes, to even sculptural effects are easily achievable.
  • Wax provides the ability to adhere objects making this a great medium for mixed media and collage artists. Even print makers will find this an intriguing medium for mono prints and lifts.
  • Many experimental artists are top coating their digital images with wax medium for a rich, lustrous wax finish successfully combining modern technology with one of the oldest painting techniques.
  •  Using a pancake griddle as a hot palette provides you with a great work surface for heating encaustic paints. We recommend working temperatures around 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

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