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We've Got the Blues!

The Blues

Enkaustikos has quite a few blues to offer you, so how do you choose the ones that are right for you. We all know the tried and true, like Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean and Cobalt, but what about the colors that you might be less familiar with?


Let me back it up to just a few weeks when we were having a discussion on making room for another color. I know it seems crazy that we would consider adding another color when we have 86 colors to choose from. So it looked like we'd have to let a color go and the dark blues were the ones in question. "They all look alike on the rack", was a by-standers comment. That was all I needed to hear, it was like I became Underdog all of a sudden ready to rescue and defend.


It is true; when you look at Prussian Blue, Anthraquinone Blue, Phthalo Blue Red Shade and Phthalo Blue Green Shade on the display rack or it the Hot Cakes tin, they do look alike. What you are looking at is their masstone. What you are not seeing is their undertone, their transparencies, the way they mix with other colors, in other words, their nuances. As easily seen in the image of these four blues, they each have different personalities. You might enjoy the subtleties of Prussian Blue, that beautiful teal only Phthalo Blue Green Shade can give you, the vibrant glaze created with Phthalo Blue Red Shade, or the sophisticated mixes from Anthraquinone Blue. We want the choice to be yours.


Whether you are trying to choose a blue or a red, an earth tone or metallic, we hope you will let the color descriptions on our website help in your decision.  In case you don't already know this, we have a color chart on our website that you can download for easy access to all of our colors.


The image shows Prussian Blue, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Phthalo Blue Red Shade and Anthraquinone Blue in full strength then mixed with Wax Medium, below that with Bismuth Yellow and below that with Naphthol Red. Directly to the side are the mixtures plus Titanium White.   

By the way, we are keeping our blues.

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