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Workshop Reviews

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In response to the workshop given by Pamela Smith-Hudson on 9/28/2013 at San Clemente Art Supply

"Pam is the ultimate teacher, besides fine artist. I continue to take classes with her whenever I can. You can see by the class work, she inspires students to do better than we think we can. My blogs are not usually that long but with 56 great photos, I couldn't edit it down. I guess you can tell I am a Pam-fan!" -Jacki Long

In response to Encaustic Immersion: a 5-Day Workshop with Charlie Ciali- August 2013

"While the experience at the Elwanger Estate has completely changed my life. A thank you to all of you! Charlie, you have such a gift of staying on track-focusing. You are kind and very encouraging. I will focus and prepare more thoughtfully as I teach acrylics. My "one"s sentence remark....
I am thoroughly satisfied and inspired by the encaustic experience at The Ellwanger Estate put on by Enkaustikos and the Rochester Art Supply's staff of caring, involved individuals including Charlie Ciali as a phenomenal leader and instructor. I loved it! -Maureen

"I've never been more productive at a workshop. Charlie your an inspiration. Thanks for coming and sharing your knowledge. I'd also like to mention what a pleasure it was to work with this group." -Connie

"For me the best part was that no one asked me what I did for a living until the last day! I was 'Creative Claudia' for 5 whole days. It allowed me to completely escape a high stress/pressure job. I am inspired to make some changes. It's like I woke up from a bad dream for a few days and re-discovered a part of me that has been buried under corporate stress for 15 years! You were all so personally inspiring to me and I thank you!" - Claudia

"It was the best workshop ever! I learned so much and felt inspired at the end of the week! All my 'mates' were so giving and kind. I was especially impressed with the 5 second painting Charlie did on the grill. I appreciated the supplies and loved the tour at Enkaustikos." -Molly

"What was great about this class was that one could be a beginner or an advanced artist, and for me trained mainly as a sculptor, brought me to a whole new level in my work. Thanks again for a great week." -Jeanie

In response to the workshop given by Pamela Smith-Hudson  on 3/16/2013 at San Clemente Art Supply

"Pam, Thank you for a delightful and very informative workshop last Saturday. I loved all the materials, techniques and projects you had for us to try. Your enthusiasm and encouragement, along with your knowledge and experience, created an amazing learning environment. I certainly got my money's worth, and gained some useful new skills. From my perspective, all the effort you put into the workshop paid off." - Anne

In response to the workshop given by Ashley Gordon and Allyce Lees on 3/8/2013 at the Paint Store Inc

"I just returned from a fantastic class in Waupaca, WI with Ashley and Allyce instructing! As an acrylic artist for a number of years, the encaustic medium fascinated me! You can read up on it as much as you want, but the hands-on with experienced artists in the encaustic field is priceless! I can't wait to play with the materials and create future art pieces!." - Joyce from Nebraska

"I am writing this review for the recent class I participated in this past weekedn in Waupaca, WI. Ashley Gordon and Allyce Lees are  both gracious hostesses. They equally are very creative, know the products extremely well, and are able to patiently teach anyone from beginner to advanced. The supplies available at The Paint Store are extensive, which is very helpful if one is inspired (as most are) to take supplies home and continue on in the addictive art of encaustics. In this class, we covered history of encaustics, safety while working with the hot products and tools, layering, mixing, fusing, carving, excavating back, image transfers, collages, embedding found objects or photographic images, shellac burns... oh the list oges on. I highly recommend anyone, newbie or expert, to participate in a class here at The Paint Store, under the instruction of Ashley and Allyce." - Sandy from Unity, WI

"I had a wonderful time at the Encaustics Workshop, with Ashley and Allyce. Ashley is an extremely gifted instructor with lots of patience and enthusiasm. Allyce is very talented. She has a great area set up for her classes, large selection of supplies and is a gracious hostess. Ashley and Allyce were perfect examples of what instructors should be...stressing safety, teaching bolstering confidence in your ability to do it on your own with the reassurance that they're only a call away." -Dawn

In response to the workshop given by Kathryn Bevier on 10/15/11 at the Japanese Paper Place

"Fantastic class. I'd like to do a follow-up with additional techniques & going large on bigger pieces of Japanese paper. Kathryn is a wonderful responsive teacher. Space was perfect."

"A wonderful comprehensive workshop with excellent demonstration. Can Kathryn come again?"

In response to the workshop given by Charlie Ciali January 2014 at Venus Art Supply

"It was such a treat to meet you this afternoon, Charlie! You are so absolutely articulate, concise, precise, organized- AND driven by a demanding creative spirit; great combination!

Thank you for your patience as you answered my myriad questions. Your experience with the medium and your people skills certainly make you the ideal rep for the company/products you represent." -Elinor

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