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Color Mixing Suggestions

Color Mixing With Encaustic Paints
While we do offer 86  beautiful professional encaustic paints, artists still enjoy making their own custom mixes.  You use the same color mixing concepts you use in other mediums for encaustic paints. The more pigments you use in a mix, the more likely you are to make a muddy or dull paint color so the rule of thumb to follow is to use the least number of pigments to create your custom mixes.  Our line  of 86 colors, actually features 72 single pigment paints which means if you use our single pigment paints together, you are more likely to create the rich, radiant mixes you desire.  So don't be afraid to get creative and mix your Hot Cakes or Hot Sticks colors!  In fact, both Hot Sticks and Hot Cakes are made from the same paint formulas.

Encaustic Techniques:
1. You can color mix on your hot palette and then apply the paint to your substrate using a brush.

2. You can color mix directly on a heated substrate (that was placed on top of your griddle to warm).

3. You can color mix on your substrate using a brush and heat from a hot air gun (moving the brush to avoid singeing).

4. You can color mix on an anodized aluminum plate (placed
on top of your griddle).  These plates are excellent  for encaustic printmaking techniques.

5. You can put a few Hot Sticks in an empty metal tin on your griddle for custom creations.

Unusual Color Mixes To Try!
  • Try combining Alizarin Crimson and Viridian to make a deep purple hue. The more Alizarin  you add to the mix, the more reddish the purple will be.  Likewise, the more Viridian  you add, the cooler the purple will be. Add a touch of titanium to achieve a soft grayish purple.
  • A combination of Quinacridone Gold and Phthalo Blue Green Shade will create a surprisingly stunning deep green.
  • Quinacridone Magenta and Titanium or Zinc White will mix the brightest pink, while Ultramarine Rose and either white will create the most delicate pink tone.

Technique Video
Don't forget, we also have a short youtube clip showing color mixing techniques - watch it now

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