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Enkaustikos Encaustic Paint in Bulk & for Refills

Enkaustikos professional wax paint in easy to melt 1 fl. oz. (29.5 ml) round cakes that measure 2½” x ½” are an economical way to buy paint in bulk for large projects and easy to dispense in classroom settings. They are the perfect size to refill Hot Cakes tins.

Enkaustikos paints for refills or bulk are available in the following sizes:

 1 fl oz (29.5ml)
 3 fl oz (88ml)
 4 fl oz (118ml)
8 fl oz (236ml)
12 fl oz (354ml)
16 fl oz (472ml)

For example, if you order 16 fl. oz. you will receive sixteen of the 1 fl. oz. discs. If you order 8 fl. oz. you will receive 8 1 fl. oz. discs.

88 of our colors are available in all sizes.To see the colors available, click here!
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