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Bleached Refined Beeswax

Bleached Beeswax is purified beeswax that achieves its bright white color through a chemical bleaching process.  It is typically used for candle making and by oil painters in their painting mediums to matte colors or varnishes.  It comes in small easy to melt pastilles (or thin pellets). For encaustic use, Enkaustikos recommends the use of United States Pharmaceutical (USP) grade Beeswax because it is bleach and chemical free.

Extra Precaution: Please do no exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit and use adequate ventilation. 

Available in the following sizes:


Resealable Silver Bags: 8 oz (227g) & 16 oz (454g)

Bulk Sizing available through Enkaustikos:  5 lb (2.27 kg) Box, 10 lb (4.55 kg) Box,              & 55 lb (24.95 kg) Box

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