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Instructional DVD:
Heat Up Your Art! Exploring Encaustic Techniques

New to stores: an instructional DVD by Enkaustikos!  In this instructional video produced by Enkaustikos you will learn why encaustic painting is so enticing to contemporary artists and what makes it different from other mediums. Artist Kathryn Bevier will open your eyes to a variety of techniques that can be accomplished with encaustic paints and mediums. Kathryn will walk you through what Hot Cakes encaustic wax paints are are and explains what you need to get started. She begins her painting demonstrations with the most basic techniques of color mixing fusing and texture building. Kathryn clarifies how to utilize encaustic specific products such as slick wax (for cleaning your encaustic brushes) and wax medium (for use as a base coat to your substrate). As the video continues Kathryn moves on to more unique techniques like carving collage glazing printmaking and even shows how encaustic can be used on ceramics and larger paintings done on standing easels. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional you will find the demonstrations and advice invaluable. Watch the video in its entirety to get an overview of encaustic painting and then go back to the chapters featuring your favorite techniques to help develop your own skills. You will gain insight on how to use Hot Cakes encaustic paints in your own artwork and improve your confidence when it comes to this fascinating medium!  Look for this DVD at your local Hot Cakes dealer!  If they don't have it in stock, be sure to ask if they will special order it for you.  This is one instructional DVD that you do not want to pass up!

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