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Enkaustikos C-Series Pen Point Attachments

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Our Hot Pen Point Attachments have revolutionized the process of applying wax paint in thin lines. They can be used to create a broad spectrum of line widths; from a hairline to a very broad stroke. Anyone who is familiar with pen and ink drawing will be able to master drawing with encaustic wax paints. Simply melt your encaustic wax paint in metal cups on a hot plate and dip your pen into the hot liquid wax paint. The brass pen tip is kept hot by the wax pen and the temperature regulator will allow you to find the optimum temperature for each pen size and color. The heated pen tip will allow you to draw with liquid wax paint at your leisure without rushing to apply color before the wax cools.

MSRP  $29.99

Example of C-5 & C-6 Pen Point Attachments

C-Series Hot Pen Attachments

The C-Series of hot pens have been made out of solid brass calligraphy nibs. This series of pens will give you the finest line possible with encaustic paint. The C-6 is the finest in the series, and the C-0 is the widest. Even the C-0 can be used to achieve a fine line, just by turning it sideways and using the edge of the pen tip.

These attachments require a Hot Wax Pen and a Temperature Regulator, both sold seperately. For tips on proper care and maintenance, view this page.
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