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Enkaustikos Hot Brush Attachments

 Angeled Bright   -   Bright   -  Angeled Flat  -  Flat

The Hot Brush is an attachment for the temperature-regulated Enkaustikos Wax Pen. This brush is handcrafted with solid brass filaments and brass ferrules. The Hot Brush is ideal for applying thin transparent layers. Encaustic paint cools almost immediately, allowing multiple layers to be applied rapidly. Furthermore, these layers will not mix unless it is the intention of the artist to work them into each other using the heated filaments. Opacity is accomplished through the application of more paint in each stroke or by building up several transparent layers.

The Enkaustikos Wax Pen maintains the molten state of the wax color on the brush until its application to the painting surface. This innovation allows the encaustic painter the option to work slowly and meticulously or fast and spontaneously. Traditional and contemporary painters alike will enjoy the control offered by this brush.

MSRP Pricing
Flat Size 2 $29.99
Flat Size 6 $34.99
Flat Size 8 $36.99
Bright Size 2 $29.99
Bright Size 6 $34.99
Bright Size 8 $36.99
Angled Flat Size 6 $36.99
Angled Bright Size 6 $36.99

Flats Brights Angled Bright & Angled Flat

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