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Enkaustikos Instructor Pamela Smith-Hudson

Meet the Artist 
Enkaustikos is pleased to introduce to you Pamela Smith-Hudson. Pam is part of our Enkaustikos team. Pam wears two hats for us; she is a Creative Consultant for Enkaustikos serving Southern California and she is a certified Enkaustikos Instructor.

Pamela Smith-Hudson is a painter and printmaker. Growing up in southern California, Pam’s early influences derived from the Art Poetry Punk scene of Los Angeles in the Eighties. She is a UCLA graduate, where she studied art, design, art history, film and dance. Pam’s creative process is intuitive, and spontaneous, working in a deconstructive manner. For the last fourteen years she has worked in the Art Materials World as a demonstrator, teacher, lecturer, consultant, and as a manufacturer representative. We are very excited to have Pam join our team. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and talents are most valuable. Please read our interview with Pam.

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"Coming from a printmaking background, wax offers that tactile dimension. The luminous nature of the medium is perfect for the way I work. I love the many texture you can achieve using the medium."


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Artist Interview

Q: Pam, I first met you at a trade show in 2009 where you were demonstrating printmaking techniques. You came by our booth and said you really wanted to learn more about encaustic. I fondly remember our conversation. What was it that made you want to try encaustic, and how did you first learn about encaustic?

I first learned about encaustic in an indirect way. In the Nineties, I had the amazing opportunity to learn printmaking from a master printer, Dan Freeman, who worked at Gemini G.E.L. He actually printed for Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns among many other art luminaries. He suggested that I learn more about the prints of Jasper Johns and gave me a beautiful book. I really wanted to know more about Johns. So, I researched articles written about Johns and bought books on him and I noticed that much of Johns’ works were painted in encaustic. This inspired me to experiment with wax and printmaking.

Q: Why do you feel using encaustic is important in your work now?

It allows me to scratch under surface to reveal several layers. Coming from a printmaking background, wax offers that tactile dimension. The luminous nature of the medium is perfect for the way I work. I love the many textures you can achieve using the medium.

Q: Beyond Jasper Johns, where does your inspiration come from? Are there any historical or contemporary artists that you specifically admire or that may have influenced you in some way as an artist?

I look for inspiration in other creative forms, dance, music and poetry. I had the pleasure of being able to see the Richard Diebenkorn, The Ocean Park Series show last year; Amazing! I left the show incredibly inspired.

I saw Allen Ginsberg at McCabe’s Guitar shop and he opened with a William Blake poem, while playing the Bongos. Now that was inspiring!

Q: How would you say that these influences impact your work habits?  Do you tend to work in series or do you find yourself going in a lot of different directions at a time?

I am an intuitive painter and I work on many ideas concurrently. It is the way “IT” presents itself to me.  IT is that Inspiration. Poetry is a special connection for me it brings me to a place where I can cross into that space. It is inspiration.

Q: What about the other art forms you have done historically, like printmaking, and how does working in encaustic influence these other mediums?

I work with several mediums, always looking for ways to incorporate them with encaustic.  Right now I’m enjoying working with Daniel Smith Watercolors and Arches printmaking papers to get some interesting affects with encaustic. I also love taking some of my older prints and creating new pieces of artwork by working encaustic into them. 

Q: Tell us how you share your talents?

Since I’m an artist working in the Art Materials Industry, I have a lot of opportunities to share my knowledge of art materials and techniques. I lecture at art schools, art societies, and art stores. I do teach encaustic workshops and they are so much fun and inspiring. I love working with other artists. I share with them techniques and then, we all start to collaborate together. That’s my teaching approach. It is not about me as the teacher, it is about us as artists learning and inspiring each other.

On a personal level, I’m working on a new body of work that will bring together my passion for printmaking, painting and panels. I’m really looking forward to exhibiting my work again. I am also developing my new website and continue to establish workshops in my area.

Q: Do you have any parting words of advice or inspiration?

My advice - Be Authentic!

I’m coming from a lot of disciplines and they each have a place in my desire to create. Let the things you know inspire you.

Thank you, Enkaustikos for giving me the opportunity to answer these questions about me being an artist. Thank you for making amazing products!

View more of Pam's work here.
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