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                                   Enkaustikos Spotlight on two Artists
                              A Mother and Daughter

                         Carrie & Kristi Knupp

A note from Enkaustikos: Though not the intentions of the artists, we were struck by how each of Carrie's and Kristi's images partnered so well together. Please enjoy the presentation of their art in pairs.


                Carrie Knupp                                                            Kristi Knupp

                  Carrie Knupp - "Aegean"

                          Kristi Knupp - "Raven"

                Carrie Knupp - "Aberration"

                          Kristi Knupp - "Forest"

               Carrie Knupp - "Never Again"

                        Kristi Knupp - "O"

              Carrie Knupp - "Never Alone"

  Kristi Nupp - "Moon Rock"

                 Carrie Knupp -"The Last Glacier"

                      Kristi Knupp - "Bound"

Carrie Knupp Bio:

Carrie Knupp is an Encaustic Artist. Encaustic is an ancient technique, dating back over 4000 years. She uses molten Beeswax and colored Pigments and fuses each layer with a torch. Carrie studied at the Art Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1972, and Rollins College, Winter Park, graduating in 1983. Acquiring numerous awards, Carrie believes her greatest satisfaction, was when she taught Art and Art History to children, both here and abroad. She now focuses exclusively on creating Fine Art in her studio in Mt. Dora, Florida. More info on Carrie and her art can be found at

Kristi Knupp Bio:

Kristi Knupp is based out of Venice Beach, CA. She is a Photographer, Musician and Encaustic artist. She was first introduced to encaustic by her Mom Carrie Knupp. The second the heat gun was put to the wax she was hooked. Over the last few years she's attended some wonderful workshops including Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch EncaustiCamp, where she learned from great artists such as Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Michelle Belto. Michelle opened her eyes to the wonders of 3D sculpting with wire and wax. Kristi's very first 3D sculpture will appear in Patricia's new book on EncaustiCamp. More info on Kristi can be found at

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