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Kathryn Bevier

 Artist Statement:

"I am inspired from my surroundings; the wooded lots in my neighborhood, the farms just minutes away, and the city scenes surrounding me at work and studio. There is always something visually intriguing, whether it is a small vignette or a wide open space. The way shapes merge and colors coordinate, there always seems to be a balance, and I am drawn to that.

I  enjoy exploring color and feel it is an important expression of me in my art. I want my art to impart a sense of awareness, have a sense of place, a feeling of atmosphere. Understanding how different pigments work together helps me to create this, and understanding the medium I am using helps to support that intention through application. Most often, I work on a small scale. I like the intimacy a small size offers and yet, I also want my art to have an expansive quality. Whether I am out in the field or in my studio, at a certain point in my creating I stop referring to what is in front of me. What is happening on paper or canvas becomes my focus. Subject matter provides me with inspiration through repeated shapes and pattern. This guides my compositional aesthetic sense. I am not interested in replicating a scene or a setting through tight representation; I am interested in the essence and in aspects of unity and balance, of how everything comes together to create a grounded feeling."

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