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Enkaustikos Instructor Celia Buchanan

Meet the Artist

Enkaustikos is delighted to let you know that Celia Buchanan has joined our Educational Team. Many of you in the industry already know Celia and enjoy the pleasure of working with her. We hope you enjoy this informal interview with Celia.

Being an encaustic paint manufacturing company, we are always curious about what attracts people to the encaustic medium. Here is Celia's answer:

"I had been working with acrylic mixed media for many years and was interested in diversifying into other mediums. I like the immediate way the wax sets up making the downtime between applications far shorter. It has its own unique look which is satisfyingly instantaneous in its gratification. Encaustic provides me with challenges and solutions that no other medium offers and I am enjoying the direction it takes my work in. I had to learn not to fight the medium but to go with its personality and let it work with me and for me. I am always learning and I enjoy that."

Artist Interview:

What inspires you, Celia?

"I love humor, fantasy, absurd circumstances and interactions. I like to give inanimate objects character. Animals, fish, teapots and shoes for some reason have appeared regularly. There's normally a joke in my work somewhere. I love color and texture used in conjunction with strong form. I draw inspiration from many contemporary artists and am particularly interested in 20th Century art onwards."

Will you share a favorite encaustic technique?

"Encaustic has provided a distinctive look particularly with my drawings, which enriches the colors and intensifies their depth and luster. I thinly layer transparent wax medium over drawings and apply alcohol inks to patina the finish. I love to layer transparent colors one on top of another. It affords an advanced degree of complexity that is simple and enjoyable to create."

How do you share your talents?

"I teach, and have worked with many art groups and leagues around the country. I use social media, videos and my website to share ideas and my work. For over 20 years I have been a materials consultant and educator within the art materials industry. That's been a wonderful symbiotic relationship where I have also learned a great deal. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others to enrich their artistic experience."

We recognize Celia as an artist, as well as a professional Sales Rep, and Art Educator in the art materials industry. You can learn more about Celia and see her art by visiting her website -

When asked "What do you want people to walk away with when they see your art?" she says, "A smile and a warm glow."

"Never stop learning. There is always something new and challenging to work with and, make sure you are having fun."

Celia Buchanan


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