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Current Sell Sheets & Promotions

Here you will find our latest promotions, deals, and coupons. If you have any questions regarding a promotion, please contact us at or 585-263-6930.

Sell Sheets
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Free Offer Coupons

Our "Free Offer" coupons are designed to increase sales within retail stores.  As a retailer, you are only responsible for promoting the free offer by either adding the coupons to your website or by posting our coupon booklets on your Enkaustikos' display racks.  Enkaustikos will take care of the rest of the promotion!

If the customer goes into your store and purchases enough products to qualify for the free product offer, all they need to do is fill out a coupon and mail it back to Enkaustikos with their proof of purchase from your store.   We only accept receipts during the specified time frame as a proof of purchase.  Customers can either accumulate receipts or make the qualifiying purchase in one visit to meet the requirements of the coupon.  Once Enkaustikos receives your customers information and receipt, Enkaustikos will fulfill the free product offer by mailing the item out.  If we get consent to collect their email address for newsletter purposes, we will forward that information onto you as well.  These "Free Offers" are designed to increase sales within your store and of course, build interest in the Enkaustikos line as well as encaustic.

Tip: When printing the coupon, be sure to turn off page scaling to print the correct size (In other words, unselect the scale to fit page option).

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