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Why Bring In Our Sundries?
Enkaustikos won "Best Packaging" for our sundries at NAMTA 2010!

We now offer an entire line of high quality sundries in beautiful, re-sealable bags.   In fact, our sundries won  NAMTA's "Best Packaging Award" during the 2010 conference in Indiana!  These flashy silver bags include a hole punch on the top so that they can be hung on display hooks or sit nicely on a shelf side by side to create an lovely focal point.  They are heat-sealed to ensure that there is no spills in your store. and after purchasing, your customers simply need to cut the top to open and utilize the resealable zipper to keep the product contained during storage.  Artists in your store will be drawn to the attractive and informative labeling on the package.  The front label is designed to catch your customers eye and will deliver simple, direct information about the product.  The back label includes more detailed information about how to use the product and includes the upc code for scanning.  We have been selling encaustic sundries since 1996, but decided to upgrade our packaging from the usual brown craft bags to these more elegant bags to help the products reach a more upscale audience.  There is no need to hide these  bags on the lower, dusty shelf of your store waiting for a customer to request them...instead keep them up high and center to draw your customers attention!  You'll find your customers reaching for the bags just to check them out! 

We offer the following sundries in resealable bags
(click on individual sundries to view product information, images)
USP Grade Yellow Beeswax
USP Grade White Beeswax
Bleached Refined Beeswax
Carnauba Wax
Luster Wax
Microcrystalline Wax
Impasto Wax
Damar Resin
Rabbit Skin Glue
Soy Wax
Wax Medium
Note: Our Wax Medium, XD, and Slick Wax are also available in metal Hot Cake tins.

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