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Why Bring In Hot Cakes Refills?


There is a large untapped encaustic market that you as a retailer, can capture with our Hot Cake Refill Program.  The refills, which come in every color we offer, are always made as 1 oz discs.  Therefore, if a retailer decides to start offering the refill program to their customers, customers can order refills in the amount of  1 fl. oz, 3 fl oz, 4 fl oz, 8 fl oz, 12 fl oz, or 16 fl. oz refills and all the quantities all  come in the 1 fl oz disc increment.   For example, if a customer orders 4 fl oz of Alizarin Crimson, they will receive four 1 oz discs of the color.   As with our Hot Cake colors, the refill pricing varies depending on the series number of the paint please view, the manufacturer suggested list pricing for more details.

Why should you offer refills to your customers? 
  • The metal 1.5 fl oz Hot Cake tins are designed to be reusable.  Our 1 oz refill discs fit perfectly into the tin and in turn, artists will be more motivated to purchase refills instead of just discarding the tin when they run out paint. 
  • The refill program is very attractive to encaustic instructors and educators who need bulk quantities for a classroom setting.  The 1 fl oz discs make dispensing encaustic paints to students much simpler.
  • If an encaustic artist works on larger paintings, they can melt multiple refill discs in a large container like a crock-pot to have more paint at their disposal.  
  • Some artists also just enjoy working with the encaustic paint in their hand rather than melting it in tin. With the refill discs, an artist can hold the paint, heat it on the palette as needed, and control how much paint is dispensed. 
  • Those artists looking to stock up their studio with supplies, will find the refill sizes especially convenient when they use their favorite colors frequently.  Refills will allow an artist to keep more product on hand to keep the creativity flowing.
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