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Why Bring In Hot Cakes Encaustic Paint?
Enkaustikos won "Best New Product" & "Best Packaging" for Hot Cakes at NAMTA 2009!

The Design

Hot Cakes were designed to be both retailer and artist friendly.  Hot Cakes are professional quality encaustic paint inside a convenient metal tin.  There are two different tin sizes available 1.5 fl. oz Hot Cakes and 4 fl. oz.Hot Cakes.  Our Hot Cakes design won  both the Best New Product Award and the Best Packaging Award during our product debut at the 2009 National Art Materials Trade Association Convention in Louisville, KY. The metal tin itself is designed so that artists can purchase the paint, go home, and then pop the tin full of wax paint directly onto their hot palette.  Within 20 minutes at 150-175 degrees fahrenheit, the paint will be melted and ready to use.  The tin comes with a handy lid to keep the encaustic paint dust-free and clean during storage.  Even better, the metal tin is reusable so artists are able to purchase our Hot Cake refills once they run out of paint.  With our convenient metal tin, customers within your store can easily unscrew the tin to see the paint  color inside without damaging the product.  In fact, at room temperature the wax paint is hard so there is no chance of leaking or spilling the product.  The label on the Hot Cakes metal tin is very informative and includes the paint name, the pigment color index, the size of the paint included, and a four color process label color swatch to help with purchasing decisions.  The back of the tin includes a peel-off label so that artists can remove it, along with the plastic display holder, when they are ready to heat the tin for actual use.  The peel-off label consists of a UPC and barcode for retailer use and offers health information when necessary.  Learn more.

Hot Cakes are made from the finest ingredients.  We use  the most beautiful pigments, damar resin, and United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Beeswax. These paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants whatsoever.  We mill our colors using state-of-the-art equipment and we shear each pigment to their ultimate particle size to give us paint that is richier, cleaner, and more vibrant than ever before possible.  As with our other products, Hot Cakes are manufactured here at our facility in Rochester, NY.  


1.5 fl oz (45ml) Hot Cakes
Available in all colors.


Our 1.5 fl oz Hot Cakes are made to fit our red Hot Cake display racks.  All of our colors are available in the 1.5 oz Hot Cakes, our best selling colors are featured on the three display racks.  We recommend to retailers just getting into the encaustic market, to start with the first display rack as an introductory rack and then add on more racks as desired.  Additional colors can also be added to your shelves if you want the entire color line at your disposal.  See the links below to learn more about 1.5 fl oz Hot Cakes and the accompanying display racks.  Note, when you find you have a very strong interest in encaustic painting, you can add the 4 fl oz Hot Cake size to accommodate those artists who like to work with more paint.

Learn More About Our 1.5 fl oz Hot Cakes
1.5 oz Hot Cake Product Page
View Color Swatches

   Learn About Our Display Racks (paint color choices/shape/size):
Hot Cakes Display Rack #1
Hot Cakes Display Rack #2
Hot Cakes Display Rack #3

Additional Colors (w/o display)

4 fl oz (118ml) Hot Cakes
Only available in select colors. 

Over the course of introducing our 1.5 fl oz Hot Cakes, we heard many requests from retailers about larger sizing.  We decided to take our 21 best-selling Hot Cakes colors and create 4 fl oz Hot Cakes .  These 4 fl oz Hot Cakes will stack neatly on your shelf displaying the product labels perfectly.  At first appearance, these tins are seen as half full because we pour 4 fl. oz of our artist grade wax paint into a large 8 oz metal tin.  The reason we do this is so that the tin can accommodate larger brush sizes and also so that it can allow room for the addition of wax medium if an artist decides to create a glaze color. The 4 fl. oz Hot Cakes are by far the most economical choice for those artists who are more established with encaustic paints.  With the 4 oz Hot Cakes on hand,  you will certainly be able to offer your customers a beautiful range of encaustic products. 

        Learn More About Our 4 fl. oz. Hot Cakes:      
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