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Why Bring In Our Art Instructional DVD?
"Heat Up Your Art!  Exploring Encaustic Techniques"

Since many customers are new to the encaustic medium, some encaustic techniques and products may be unfamiliar to them.  To help answer basic questions about working with wax paint, Enkaustikos decided to create an informative encaustic painting instructional DVD.  This DVD is complete with invaluable art demonstrations and advice!  Artist, Kathryn Bevier walks the audience through setting up their studio, understanding health and safety guidelines, and demos techniques like priming, fusing, color mixing, texture building, collaging, and glazing to name a few!  The demonstrations utilize a variety of tools and supplies like pottery tools, substrates, origami paper, and brushes so artists understand how they can incorporate other products and try out new techniques.  After watching, viewers will thoroughly understand how to use Hot Cakes encaustic paints and hopefully, become more comfortable using the medium.  The DVD is even divided up by chapters so that the viewer can go back to their favorite techniques and develop their own skills by watching it again and again.  Although this is a professional quality DVD and over an hour long, the MSRP of this DVD is low at just  $9.99.  We  hope the low cost of the DVD will encourage customers to learn more about encaustic and in turn, invest their money  in purchasing Hot Cakes and other related supplies.  This is a great learning resource to teach your customers the basics so that they can get started and established in encaustic paints.  We highly recommend it to professional encaustic artists as well as beginners.  It is filled with plenty of insight about the encaustic process and with the affordable price, your customers will find it hard to pass up! 

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