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Why Bring In Anodized Aluminum Plates?

Interest in encaustic monoprinting has grown at a phenomenal rate!  Therefore, Enkaustikos now offers  affordable anodized aluminum plates to make printmaking even easier in encaustic. 

Our plates can be heated on top of an artist's pancake griddle  (which should be at the suggested working temperature of 150 - 175 degrees F) and instantly, it will convert the griddle into a simple printing plate.  Enkaustikos aluminum plates have a clear anodized coating that eliminates the possibility of color reactions to the aluminum surface.  
When using Hot Sticks against the warm plate, the sticks melt with ease and the plates can even serve as a nice color mixing palette.  Hot Cakes or Hot Sticks colors can be applied to the  plate surface and when the painting is complete, the artist simply needs to place a thin sheet of art paper on top.  Using a barren to gently apply pressure, the paper will absorb the paints.  The artist then just needs to carefully lift off the paper to reveal their image - of course, exercising caution when working on the hot equipment.

We suggest that those retailers who carry Hot Sticks also offer their customers these anodized aluminum plates as printmaking is becoming a very popular technique among encaustic artists.  Fortunately, printmaking also  enourages customers to use art papers such as printmaking or watercolor papers and tools such as barrens or brayers -- utilizing cross-marketing within your store!  Enkaustikos offers a variety of plates sizes, all  designed to fit on a typical pancake griddle.  Each plate comes with a protective film that must be removed before heating.

Please note:  Although the plate is shown above with Hot Sticks Encaustic Paint colors, these paints are not included with the plate.  Hot Sticks can be purchased seperately.

Enkaustikos Anodized Aluminum Plates are available in the following sizes:
4 x 6", 6 x 6", 6 x 8", 8 x 8", 8 x 10"

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