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Images For Retailer Use

As a retailer, you have access to the product images, videos, and descriptive product text available on our website to help promote Enkaustikos products on your own website. Below we have listed some of the most common images that retailers are requesting. Clicking on the product name will load that particular image, then you simply have to right click and save, or drag the image to your desktop. This will help you to accurately display our products to your customers and hopefully enhance interest in our line. 

You are not limited to these images only, as a retailer you can also go through the website and lift any images you desire. Lift color swatches or product shots and simply resize to fit your website needs. If you want to lift the images from our website, either drag the image onto your desktop and rename it, or right click and save. If you are having trouble finding the image you need, contact us and we will assist you.

You can also embed any of our encaustic technique videos onto your own website!  Visit our YouTube Channel at Click on the individual video and select "Embed" for the embedding code. Then enter that code onto your own website. If you have trouble, ask your website adminstrator. 

Click on a product name below for links to images
Accessories - Aluminum Plates, Metal Tins, Brushes
Enkaustikos Logos
Holiday Printing Set
Hot Cakes - 1.5 fl. oz.
Hot Cakes - 4 fl. oz. 
Hot Cakes Sets
Hot Sticks
Hot Stick Sets
Wax Snaps
High Res Images for Print

Enkaustikos Logos

Enkaustikos Logo
Hot Cakes Logo
Hot Sticks Logo
Wax Snaps Logo

Holiday Printing Set

Holiday Printing Set

Hot Cakes - 1.5 fl. oz.

Download individual Hot Cakes images on this page!
Hot Cakes Rack 1
Hot Cakes Rack 2
Hot Cakes Rack 3

Hot Cakes - 4 fl. oz.

Download individual 4 fl. oz. Hot Cakes images here!

Hot Cakes Sets

Download Hot Cakes set images on this page!

Hot Sticks

Download individual Hot Stick images here!

Hot Stick Sets

Download Hot Stick set images on this page!

Enkaustikolor Sets

Download All

Warm Set
Cool Set
Earth Set
Landscape Set
Tonal Set
Shimmer Set
Fluorescent Set

Primary Set
Primary Red
Primary Blue
Primary Yellow
Primary White


Anodized Aluminum Plate (for web)
Anodized Aluminum Plate (for print)
Hog Hair Bristle Brush
Create Your Own Custom Color Tin
Empty Metal Tins (Pack of 3)


Wax Medium in Tins 
XD Wax Medium in Tins
Slick Wax in Tin
Natural Yellow Wax Medium in Tin
Sundries Group Image
Bleached Beeswax
Carnauba Wax
Damar Resin
Impasto Wax
Luster Wax
Microcrystalline Wax
Rabbit Skin Glue
Slick Wax
Soy Wax
USP White Beeswax
USP Yellow Beeswax
Wax Medium
XD Wax Medium

Wax Snaps

Click here to download individual Wax Snaps images!
Wax Snaps Intro Rack
Wax Snaps Complete Rack
Wax Snap Wax Medium Sets

Wax Snap Sets

Wax Snap Historical Set
Wax Snap Introductory Set
Wax Snap Landscape Set

High Res Images

Click here to download high res product images for print!
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