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Enkaustikos Encaustic Specialist Training Program

What is our encaustic specialist training program?
Enkaustikos receives numerous requests for store demonstrations but unfortunately, it is just not possible for our staff to travel to each of our retailers’ locations. Therefore, we developed an encaustic expert training program to give your store the tools needed to stimulate and maintain customer interest in encaustic. Enkaustikos will train one of your staff members to become your own local encaustic specialist. We will teach him or her to perform encaustic demonstrations and provide them with the educational resources and support.

What are the advantages of having your own encaustic specialist?

In our experience, the retailers that put in effort to attract and educate customers about encaustic are the most successful with selling our encaustic line. You will feel confident that your trained encaustic specialist can answer any customer questions regarding encaustic and be able to adequately demonstrate painting techniques during in-store demos. He or she will be able to promote our Enkaustikos’ products and hopefully, boost your encaustic sales in the process. Even better, your store will be listed on our website as having an encaustic expert.

Who should be selected as your store’s specialist?
We recommend picking a staff member who has a background in art and a strong interest in learning about encaustic! If you don’t have a staff member, you can also consider bringing in a local encaustic artist who is willing to train and demonstrate at your store.

How do we educate your specialist?
Once you contact us with your selected specialist, we will begin correspondence. We will send your specialist an informative manual and a DVD on how to hold successful workshops/demonstrations. We will encourage your expert to look over our website for our product information and to watch our various technique videos since the site is designed as a resource. If he or she needs additional advice, they can also contact us anytime.

Perks of being an encaustic specialist?
We will send out some demonstration materials, paint samples and Enkaustikos brochures for quarterly in-store Hot Cakes demos. We will also announce these events on our website and social media accounts to help spread the word. For more specific information, please see our specialist’s manual. 

How do you enroll in our training program?

Simply email with your specialist’s contact information and we will begin training!
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